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Bring your own bottle - North African - Balham (Members Only)

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.


Join us as we gather to share a wonderful meal with excellent wines with members of our Bon Vivant community. This Bring your own bottle dinner party is a members only event and will feature food from North Africa

If you would like to join as a Bon Vivant, you can upgrade your membership for only £80 per year.

For a list of benefits visit:http://tastour.com/member-registration/

You are welcome to join this event if you are looking for:
- A place to make new friends
- Something to bring variety in your everyday life
- A space where you can forget your everyday worries and give your mind some rest
- An opportunity to explore different taste and try new things- A way to satisfy your wine curiosities
-To have fun while learning something new

We have people who have been attending since the first event in 2008 and others who are joining for the first time. Some people are just starting their journey to learn about wine, others are well traveled in the wine world. The age is mostly 30-50 but regardless of age to number of times attended or knowledge of wine, people tend to mix and mingle quite well... That's why they keep coming back!

If the above sounds like you, we would love for you to join us!

To book your place, Join http://tastour.com/member-registration/ Contact Kelly to verify your membership and request to add you to the the groups private event Whatsapp chat group

What wine to bring:
-Please bring a bottle that cost at least £15
-Has been bought from a specialist wine supplier, on high street independent shop
-What makes these BYOB events so special is the amount of effort people go in to in selecting their wines.
-You are encouraged to chat with the staff in the wine shop and tell them they type of food you will be having so they can recommend. You may also enjoy googling it yourself.
-Each guest will be asked to present their wine and talk about why it was chosen. It can be a simple as you like the label, so please don't worry if you are feeling shy.

DATE: Wed 25 March 2020TIME: 7.30pm
COST: £29 for Tajine Special Menu which includes a selection of Moroccan starters, 3 choices of traditional Tajine, or mixed grill or veggie option and selection of North African pastries and mint tea.
CUISINE: North African/Moroccan
HIGHLIGHTS: Moroccan restaurant with Tajines, Coucous, Mezzes, traditional North African pastries in a Moroccan themed decor. BYOD. (Bring your own Dog)
WINE SUGGESTIONS: Moroccan or Middle Eastern reds, or whites.

Your host:The BYOB events are hosted by our Bon Vivant members. Our members love meeting new people are looking forward to sharing this experience with you. They will be available to answer any questions you may have.

About Tastour and the founder:Kelly Bayliffe created Tastour in 2008 as a place for a diverse mix of singles and couples of all ages to come together to laugh, learn and share food and drink experiences throughout the world - mainly in London, but we do travel together too! Her events are light hearted yet educational, using her unique spectrum of skills as the UK's "Wine Educator of the Year", a stand up comic, laughter yoga instructor and relationship coach. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, helping others make meaningful connections and enjoying life enriching experiences of all kinds. You are welcomed to attend on your own, with a partner or friends.

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