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After 12 tasty years, we are taking a pandemic holiday to restructure. Our current plans are to evolve with how the social world is changing  with the aim to launch a new programme with fabulous new partners, experiences and people to meet in 2022

In the meantime, if you would like to keep in touch, my personal facebook page is facebook.com/xNikiStone

Upcoming Events

Royal Ascot-Wink at the Queen, learn about horse racing & the history of hats

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.


Hello Tastourians!!

Like society events? Want a chance a wink at the Queen?  Join award winning Tastour (www.meetup.com/tastour) travel via luxury transport, enjoy a posh picnic and make friends that may last a lifetime.

Royal Ascot has become a Tastour tradition. This is our 7th year!!!

Tickets are limited to 29 Tastourians. Nearly 40% of tickets have been sold by 1st April.  Please see the bottom of the invite for cost and booking link. This event sells out every year.  We have several members that attend every year with us... it's that good. 


Like society events? Want a chance a wink at the Queen?  Join award winning Tastour (www.meetup.com/tastour) travel via luxury transport, enjoy a posh picnic and make friends that may last a lifetime.

Royal Ascot has become a Tastour tradition. This is our 7th year!!!

Tickets are limited to 29 Tastourians. Nearly 40% of tickets have been sold by 1st April.  Please see the bottom of the invite for cost and booking link. This event sells out every year.  We have several members that attend every year with us... it's that good.


Please note that the number of people signed up on this site, so not reflect the total number of tickets available.  RSVPing on this site does not confirm your spot. you need to purchase a ticket on www.tastour.com

What is Royal Ascot?

And why do 300,000 attend this festival each year?


* The most popular and prestigious horse racing event of the year
* A piece of British Heritage. This is the ultimate British experience
* A chance to see the Queen and rub shoulders with her friends
* A great day out and a good excuse to get dressed up
* An experience you will never forget
* The people and hat watching
* THE social gathering of the year!
Why come with the group:

* You'll learn how to bet on the horseys & the history of hats
* We'll drink fine wine and enjoy a cooked lunch, included in the price

* You'll receive inside tips on how to get the most of the day
* Our carefully arranged meeting points means you can explore and rejoin the group as you wish
* Your host will queue for an hour to reserve your spot
* Meet others with good taste and enjoy good company

"The final day of the Royal Meeting always provides a dramatic climax, featuring one of the world’s most important sprint races: The Diamond Jubilee Stakes.

As the second British leg of the Global Sprint Challenge, it is also Britain’s joint most valuable sprint race, alongside the Darley July Cup at Newmarket.

Although the fashions are as elaborate as they are during the rest of the Royal Meeting", there is a real party feel. via


On the day:  During your journey via a luxury executive coach,  I will be on hand to explain the betting, which races are worth watching, and where to find the best viewing areas. I will also give a presentation on the History of Hats, as we will be hat spotting throughout the day!

We will enjoy a glass of bubbles as well!

We will arrive at Ascot Racecourse around 10:30am.  This year we are doing things slightly differently, so that we have more time to view the outfits of the people entering the Royal Enclouse gate.  We will take a walking tour of the grounds, finishing at the Bandstand restaurant for lunch.

Included in your ticket price is a hot meal, as well as a beverage (soft drink, beer or wine)

Next, we'll see the Queen in her carriage.  I know the best spot.  See above for photo.  We can decide on our dining options as a group, however, there are so many things to see, people to speak with and races to watch, in my experience, it is not worth I don't advise spending the time having afternoon tea.


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At the end of the day, we will sing traditional English songs around the bandstand.  Included in your ticket is return travel via train.  This is the best option as some may leave eariler and others will want to enjoy the evening nightlife in the town of Ascot.



Here are some of the questions you have asked in the past...

Do I have to bet, or gamble to go to Ascot?


No... Personally I go for the hats 😉


But we have had a few big winners

Upcoming Events

How much wine will be served?

Included in your ticket is one glass of bubbles, and one beverage with lunch.

Once inside, will I be able to find the group?

Yes, I've carefully plotted out meeting points (which improve each year) and it's easy to find us throughout the day.  This means you can wonder off and rejoin us.


What's the after party like?

It's crazy.  It's fun.  Did I mention it's crazy?  It's about 1,000 people all having a blast - high on the air of Ascot.  Not to be missed.


Photos of 2012

Photos of 2011

Photos of 2010

2009 photos

About your ticket

The Grandstand Admission ticket at Royal Ascot provides similar access facilities around the racecourse as it does for those with Royal Enclosure tickets. (Silver Ring tickets are greatly restricted.)

The Grandstand Admission ticket provides excellent facilities and viewing areas at ground level and lawn level. Grandstand Admission customers can watch the Royal Procession and the racing action from the lawns in front of the Grandstand. The Pre-Parade Ring, Parade Ring and track are both within a short walking distance, by crossing the Concourse in the main Grandstand.

Other highlights of a Grandstand Admission ticket include:

* Over 1,000 free seats are available from which to view the racing.
* Big Screen TVs on the Plaza Lawn.
* Military Bands performing in the Parade Ring before the Royal Procession each day.
* Traditional sing-along around the Bandstand after racing on each day. Free song books provided.
* Food outlets selling a variety of value for money cuisine options.

*And the best part is, you get to mix with the Royal Enclosure. To obtain a ticket to the Royal Encloser you must be recommended by two people who have attended for more than four years.
Grandstand Admission Dress Code

Ladies with a Grandstand Admission ticket are required to dress in a manner appropriate to a smart occasion. (Garden Party or Wedding Wear) Many wear hats although this is not compulsory.

Gentlemen in the Grandstand Admission area must wear a shirt and tie, preferably with a suit or jacket. Sports attire, jeans and shorts are strictly forbidden.


Just a warning, if you don't wear a hat, you will wish you did! It is fun and all you really need is a simple feather from Accessorise.

We will be hosting a Pre-Ascot Hat hire party which will teach you the history of the British hat making industry and show you where to buy a £300 looking hat for £30!

Food on the day

Sandwiches, Salads and all the fixings will be available for purchase (next to the Champagne bar!) We will have a light lunch and several glasses of fine bubbles before going into the betting area.


This is an experience to share. Please invite your friends, the more the merrier!
How to book: Fill in your details on this registration page. It will direct you to paypal where you can sign in as a guest and use a credit card, or use your paypal account.  Please contact me for other methods of payment.

Attending on your own?  Don’t be nervous.  Most attendees will be on their own and our events are designed to make you feel like you're one of the regulars as soon as you arrive.

What's included:

* Grandstand Admission

* Tutorial on How To: Bet on the Horsey

* A glass of bubbles on the journey to Ascot

* A one course cooked meal at the Bandstand restaurant

* Return transport

* Organised meeting points

* Booking & PayPal fee


Early booking discount:

after the 13th June, £175

Bon Vivant's save £15


Members discount: Please log in for your discount.

Membership Information: Membership is on special offer for £70 per year, you can join as a Bon Vivant and attend all monthly social drinks for free, receive exclusive invites and save up to 70% off each event.  Apply to upgrade here

For all Tastour award-winning events, pre-booking early on www.tastour.com is advised due to high demand.


** We will take a luxury minibus to Ascot, enjoy a glass of bubbles on the coach.  We will provide return tickets via train to Waterloo. This is best way to experience travelling as a group in style and the return party on the train. Allowing you to leave when you are ready. It really is the best of both worlds!
On the day

Meet fellow Tastourians at our coach pick-up location near Embankment on the south side, near the river.

Events Pre/Post Ascot
TBC Pre-Ascot Hat Party

Have you ever thought about the history of hats? We've put together a opportunity to learn about and try on hats which cost over £300, whilst having tea on the veranda!


Upcoming Events



If we are able to resell your ticket, we will offer a refund, with a £20 admin fee, if requested via email before the 10th June. However after the 10th June, we welcome your friend to take your place on this unforgettable experience. I will do my best to resell your ticket, but I can not promise at this late notice that I will be able to. I only offer resale of tickets, once our tickets have fully sold out.

With regrets, if you miss the bus, I will not be able to meet you or offer refunds.  I have tried this for the past 5 years, and it has affected the whole group.You are welcome to travel to Ascot and try to ring me, but I can not promise that I can meet you at the gates.

Feedback from last year's Ascot Tastour
"It was the most British day I've had since moving here a year ago. I saw the queen and won a little cash and got totally swept up in the people watching. ” Lisa

"A mammoth feat of organisation by Kelly made for a great day out - thanks!" Amber

Note from the organiser


I realise that this is a large amount of money to commit, especially if you are new to the group.

As the upfront cost of this event are so high, I  didn't host this event in 2014 or 2015, however, I've received several emails from past attendees and some from those who were unable to make it in previous years encouraging me to host this event again. It is worth every penny and should be on every experience seekers 'list to do before the die'. There's horse racing... and there's Royal Ascot.  This event is truly special.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone me. Kelly 0791 905 3064 or email info@tastour.co.uk




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