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Tasty Walking Tours of London

Tasty Walking Tours of London Whether you’re new in town or a local wanting to see the city through a fresh set of eyes, a Tastour Walk will reveal London’s highlights, whilst keeping you far away from the tourist traps and crowded streets.

Our walks are exclusively designed for Tastour.

What makes our walks different?

We don’t just focus on history…

You’ll  introduced to the places recently featured popular magazines like The Metro,  Evening Standard… and dare we say, The Sun.

We always meet inside a pub or restaurant…

If you arrive early, you’ll be warm, cozy and will have the option of enjoying a nice refreshment in comfort.  And more importantly, you won’t be left wondering if your standing in the right spot.

We keep the group small and intimate…

So that you can enjoy your guide’s presentation.  There’s nothing worse than a guided tour with more than 30 people.

Our walks usually end with a tasty bang!

Each walk ends with an optional special treat…. If may be an award-winning afternoon tea, or a drink on the 15th Floor, but rest assured, it will be something special and memorable.

Who leads our walks?

Our walks are led by a passionate and friendly Blue Badge or City of Westminster guide, who will share with you London’s fascinating and delicious food and drink history and hotspots.  With snippets of information, fun facts and top recommendations, as well as ample taste opportunities along the way, you’ll get to experience our gastronomic capital whilst meeting and mingling with a small group of like-minded people, during a fun, leisurely walk.

What areas of London do we cover?

We have seven fascinating walks in the Tastour series. All of which focuses on exploring famous pubs, restaurants, bars… and let’s not forget historical and modern day Bon Vivants.  Add in a few fantastic food related shops and a bit of Art History and this afternoon of discovery will give you a taste of an area you will surely want to return to!

Tasty Walking Tours of London

Afternoon Tea themed walking tour of Mayfair
28 Apr 2012 1:45 PM • £12 ● Mayfair – BUY TICKETS
Are you passionate about exploring tea and all of its wondrous varieties? Would you enjoy visiting and learning about famous pubs? Join us for ‘Afternoon Tea in Mayfair’ which focuses on tea, expensive hotels, famous pubs and other foodie hotspots in Mayfair.

Foodie shop and historical pub walking tour of Marylebone
12 May 2012 1:45 PM • £12 ● Marylebone – BUY TICKETS
Keen to explore the back streets and mews with their well-known residents and historic pubs?
How about trying the famous cheese that launched La Formorgerie Cheese Shop? This fascinating walk focuses on visiting famous pubs, exploring interesting people and some great food and drink related places you’ll definitely want to return to!

Culinary St James and the revolution of Gentleman’s clubs
09 Jun 2012 1:45 PM • £12 ● St James – BUY TICKETS
Be intrigued by the ‘secret world of the wealthy’. Be fascinated by the exclusive ‘men only’ clubs from the 1800’s. Be delighted by the posh eateries and foodie delights along the way.
Join us for this fascinating, leisurely guided walk.

Famous pubs and hidden foodie delights of Belgravia
17 Nov 2012 1:45 PM • £12 ● Belgravia –BUY TICKETS
Explore some of the most historically fascinating pubs in London. Visit pubs associated with The Beatles, the disappearance of Lord Lucan and ‘The Great Train Robbery’.

Festive Feasts & Mulled Wine Walking Tour
8th or the 15th Dec 2012 5:30 PM • £15 ● Oxford Circus ● To Be Confirmed
Discover the hidden gastronomic delights away from the madness of Oxford Street Finish of by warming up by the fire and sipping mulled wine, with other interesting, like-minded Tastourians!

Liverpool Street – coffee, curry, clothes, cheese and claret
TBC 2013 1:45 PM • £12 ● Brick Lane
Are you enticed by East London’s vibrant and culturally diverse atmosphere?
Do thoughts of Monmouth coffee, curry, zucchini and fine claret wine get your mouth watering?
Fancy a taste of life in the bohemian East End? Then join us for a leisurely stroll and experience the sights, the sounds, and the tantalizing flavors unique to Brick Lane.

Details of our Soho walk coming soon!

Walks presented by Kelly Bayliffe, an award-winning wine writer and presenter.

Ice cream & Liqueur Pairing: A walk, garden party and lunch 14 Jul 2012 1:00 PM • £35 ● Hammersmith – BUY TICKETS
Do you enjoy rich, creamy, delicious ice cream? Do you relish the thought of a leisurely walk alongside the River Thames, ending with lunch in the garden of an old, quaint pub? Discover the delights of pairing sweet flavored liqueurs and luxury ice cream.

Chocolate in Epping Forest                                                                                                                                                                                                                    30 Sep 2012 1:00 PM • £25 ● North East London – BUY TICKETS
Explore all five of your senses!If you love chocolate, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a leisurely stroll & picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty, then join us as we walk Epping Forest and savour over 15 tasting samples of delicious chocolate, including luxury truffles from www.ramallos.co.uk

Walk the Oxford/Cambrigde Boat Race Course
2013 TBC 1:00PM ● £3 ● Putney
Keen to learn more about this prestigious 187 year-old event? Would you like to experience the wonderful, social atmosphere and array of exquisite food and drink on offer? Then come and soak up the sun with us!

Footing it though Hampstead                                                                                                                                                                                                        2013 TBC 10:00PM ● £3 ● Highgate                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fancy a walk through the quaint and beautiful village of Highgate? Soak up the sun and beautiful surroundings of Hampstead Heath! Enjoy a tour of Kenwood House & finish off with a drink and a delicious Sunday Lunch.