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Prosecco Pizzazz… glamour in your fizz!

Not only is Prosecco a delectable treat on its own, but you can use its sparkling features to spice up your next cocktail bash!  I love sparkling wine cocktails.  There’s just nothing better than enjoying a delicious Mimosa with your breakfast… I mean, early lunch.  And they are extremely simple to make!  As Chicagoland Chef du Jour says: “Add any fruit and you’ve got an instant cocktail!”

Don’t spoil your up-market fizz with down-market pre-mix: add a bit of glamour with some freshly made flavour enhancers.  Grab a pomegranate, mash it up, and you’ve made a tantalizing Pomegranate Prosecco Delight!  Not a fan of pomegranate?  You can use lemons, oranges, apples, pears or any berry if you prefer.  If you’re a cocktail master, you may even add a bit of sugar syrup to your blend! The possibilities limitless and the taste sensations will delight you!

I must not forget to mention the most famous Italian Prosecco cocktail of all.  It’s none other than the Prosecco Bellini.  Made with Prosecco and peach puree, it’s as refreshing as it is charming.  Indeed, the Bellini (or any Prosecco blend) pairs well with lighter fare and brunch-like foods.

Don’t be afraid to try your own creation and pair it with whatever your heart desires!  When it comes to wine, breaking the rules is a must.

And Remember, when choosing your Prosecco, the higher quality (DOCG) will always be the safer choice – meaning less hangovers!  But as I mentioned before, don’t shy away from a lower cost version.  And with any wine, it may take a few tries until you find that perfect one!


My top pick for the summer:

Nino Frano Rustico DOC Brut: Start with a scent of white flowers and lemon zest, but fall into the pleasantly complex flavour.  A dry tipple, this wine offers tiny bubbles and a green apple taste that lingers on the tongue, making it impossible not to think of summer.  Redolent of white peach, mint and pear – you can see for yourself… Enter to win a magnum here

At the time of writting, it’s on offer for £14 here