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The Best Wine Tasting in London


Attention, Tastorians! This is not your ordinary stuffy old tasting! Tastour’s fun night of learning is filled with     one-liners, anecdotes and eye-popping facts.

Most people say they want to learn about wine, but often they can’t find the time for a course or don’t want to get bogged down with the details.  This entertaining and educational guided tasting is all about having fun, teaching you to spot the bargains and developing relationships with clients and colleagues.

For more information, drop a line 07919053064 or email info@tastour.co.uk 

What is speedTASTING?

In just over 2.5 hours, 6 different learning themes will be introduced in rounds by your friendly and professional host who, by the way, is just bursting with entertaining and memorable wine facts and tips.  After each round, with carefully organized seat swaps, you’ll move onto a different table where you are greeted with new, friendly faces and another set of generous tasting samples. The unique samples are a superb talking point and will really get your tongues wagging!


Your Key Messages Delivered:

By sharing your desired outcomes for the event, we can create a bespoke presentation which connects your core message using the metaphor of wine. Do you want to instill your companies core values, motivate sales teams, or increase communication within teams?  Ask us how we can help you achieve your goals.


What’s Included:

Wine: Informative entertainment presented by award-winning Kelly Bayliffe. You will be poured 10 generous servings of fine wines, all retailing at £10-30 per bottle.  Total volume served is just over 2 large glasses of wine.

*price may vary for specialty tasting samples.

Food: Each table will be decorated with nibbles such as grapes, crackers and nuts.  For an additional charge, we can arrange for passed canapés at the start of the event as people arrive.  These are beautiful and really tasty.   Between the reds and the whites or at the end of the tasting, we can serve a gorgeous spread of Charcuterie and Artesian Cheese.    As well as vegetarian options like, grilled artichokes, an array of quiches and roasted red pepper spreads.

Also included: Your Tastour host will facilitate the seating arrangements, if required. Price includes, congestion charge, parking, glass hire, ice, spittoons, 4 additional staff members


Suggested Venues:

Corkage charge and room hire will vary based on the amount of food ordered and the day/time of your event.

If you accept this initial proposal, we will be able to suggest venues within your budget.



Award-winning Tastour offers exhilarating interactive tasting experiences, all revolving around food and drink.  If it has calories, we’ll excerise your palate.


To reach your companies desired outcomes, this proposal can be tailored to suit your needs.