What’s your favourite vintage: The age range of our Bon Vivant members

Due to the size of the group it is easy to find people you get on well with. Our founder, Kelly Bayliffe, a wine and relationship expert, strongly encourages people to look beyond age. She says, ‘Our older members are lively like a crisp Alberino and our younger members tend to be more mature than a first growth Claret’

Our smaller events are hosted by either Kelly or one of the enthusiastic members. Each host has a different style and tends to attract like minded people with similar personalities, rather than those of the same age. In addition the style and cost of the event may affect who signs up. This means that at any one event you could have a 28 year old and a 58 year old.

Regardless of age, we have a core group of people whom enjoy going out together and are very welcoming to new members. One of the things that you will notice most is how eager our members are to welcome people of any age into the group. Our members simply love meeting new people without judgement.

Not only are we thirsty to share new experiences but we also support each other in life as well. The various ages and cultures of our members offer a wealth of experience which our members value.

The age range varies with an influx of new member the current stats are:

Under 30 – 10%

30-45 -50%

45-55 – 25%

55-65 -15%

Below are a few photos of our members