How it works

Tell us your objectives…

Are you looking for an imaginative way to engage clients? Looking for ways to reward or develop your team? Are you planning a birthday celebration, engagement or anniversary? Perhaps you’re seeking new ways attract guest to your business or fundraiser.  Or do you simply want to experience a top-class, unique social event?

Why not impress your friends, clients, prospective clients, and employees alike by spoiling them with everything that Tastour has to offer?

Each event is different and we’d be delighted to help you choose the right mix to make your event a success!!

How it works

Choose your tasting programme:

After listening to your brief, we’ll select from over 50 different event options to find the one perfectly suited to you and your event objectives; alternatively, let us design something that caters to your own unique requirements.

With a diverse range of top quality food and drink, such as olive oils, cheese, chocolate, beer, whisky, vodka, gin and even bottled water, to select from, we pride ourselves in catering to any special occasion or culture.

Our imaginative presentations cater to all level of experience, from Beginners interested in discovering the wonders of wine, to Experts who wish to learn more, or share their experiences with friends. Of course, we’ll even tailor-make the experience to suit your personal needs. Yes we will even do wine and hamburgers….(shudder).

Do you have an ideas of your own? On request we will tailor-make the tasting experience to suit your personal needs, for example pairing wine to fish and chips!


How it worksCombined excursions

Forget about boring sales pitches, or stuffy lectures – our events are just as likely to showcase activities such as high-speed boat rides, horse races, or river walks, in addition to more formal affairs.



How it works


What’s your budget?

Since we create the experience based around your needs, we can be flexible with our prices. So that we can assist in keeping you within budget and everyone happy,  it is important to know your overall budget for the event.  Our services for a 2-3 hour tasting with 20 attendees usually start around £30 per person.  But it never hurts to ask!

How many people do you expect to attend?

We can happily manage tastings for groups as small as 5, or as large as 300+.


Our scheduling is very accommodating:  wine tastings can take place any day of the week, at any time, day or evening (with adequate advanced warning due to the increasing demand for our services).  Wednesdays  and Thursdays are peak booking times and may demand higher venue fees and more advanced notice.


Choose from our extensive selection of top-class, hand-picked venues, both indoors and outdoors, or utilize your own private venue, even your own home.

We are able to recommend venues free of charge and once a deposit is received we will also liaise directly with them, if you wish.

Food: Canapés and nibbles?

Inclusive of your tasting fee, we serve a selection of crackers, cheese, nuts and grapes throughout the tasting.

On arrival of your guest and at the end of the tasting we suggest the serving of canapés or bowl food.  We are able to create them ourself, recommend catering companies and work directly with your chosen venue.

Event Management

Whether you just need a room hired or a complete package with sound and lights, we can organise all this for you. We have over 20 years of event management experience and for most events, hence why we are able to provide the complete event management package.  However, some events are more complex.  As a member of ISES, we also work with London’s top event management companies and specialist event suppliers, should you need a recommendation.


Sound good?  We’ll then send a written proposal.  The prices quoted are flexible to fit within your budget. This all depends on the amount & quality of wine served.   We will quote for the tasting element of the evening only; however, we are able to suggest venues and give an estimated cost, if required. Once our proposal is accepted and our terms are agreed, we require a deposit.


Feel confident in your choice:

Our presenters are comprised of a diverse group of highly qualified and passionate individuals who all go the extra mile for our clientele to ensure that their event is as personalized and enjoyable as possible.

By developing and delivering a comprehensive range of top-class networking events, we have not only won awards, such as the prestigious “Wine Educator of the Year” award in the 2010 International Wine Challenge, but have, over the last few years, developed an enviable reputation within the business community.

Our long list of satisfied corporate clients will attest to the unique flexibility and personalization that Tastour brings to the table.

Unless we’re hosting a Cheap vs Extravagant tasting, we only entertain with wines retailing between £10-50, we don’t skimp on the fun!

Lastly (yet most certainly not least!), our fine wines, spirits, and foods  reflect several decades of tasting experience and are sourced from all around the world.


How it works


Contact Us:

Contact us at any time and we usually respond within a few hours.  You may contact us on 07919053064 or via email.