Hello, due to the pandemic, I am currently working on other projects and do not plan to host any events until 2022. 

Since 2008 I’ve hosted over 800 food and drink themed bespoke experiences in the UK and abroad. In addition to our social club which has over 15,000 members and in the past, I regularly hosted events for finance, legal, advertising, associations and other organisations.

It has truly been a life saver to make so many people smile over the years, thank you all for your warm hugs and enthusiasm but mostly for the laughs we shared at my cheesy life antidotes and how they relate to wine.

I hope you will follow me post pandemic in my new endeavours and I wish you all the very best… until we meet again! 

If you would like to connect with me on my personal facebook page, please do so 


Please note for legal reasons, my name and contact number has changed. 


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