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Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival Dancers

Our Brazilian Wine Tasting experience is the one of a kind in the UK. If you’re looking for new experiences to entertain your clients, you’re likely be the first to provide this unique experience.

With only 39 wine producers, Brazilian wine is hard to find.  Treat your clients to a wine tasting which will be talked about for years to come.

Your clients will be tested with our Brazil vs France challenge, teased with scrumptous food pairings and enchanted by stories and facts about their new discovery.


Highly commended

The Dean of Georgetown Unniversity commented that this was the best wine tasting he’d attended.

Dancers and entertainers

Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival DancersIf you’re looking for something special to entertain your clients with, our Rio carnival style dancers will delight any crowd.

Dancers are available to greet your guest on arrival and can perform at intervals throughout the tasting.  They also teach dance lessons, which, I’m sure you can image, easily encourage audience participation.



For the Children

Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival DancersHosting a summer party or just  looking for a great family activity for your next corporate funtion?

Let our face painters create beautiful designs for your employees.  The children may also enjoy taking part in a specially choreographed dance lesson.  At the end of the day, they’ll have the option to give a performance with their dance instructors.


Make your event extra special:

We work with some of the leading suppliers in the event industry.  Here are a few that work well when combined with this wine tasting.

Photographer with instant print out and take home photos

Ice or Chocolate sculpture

Flare Bartender




Our Brazlilian wine tasting can take place at your home, office or venue of your choice.  Please ask us for recommended venues.



The Floating Classroom

Check out the video!!! 

About the Event:   Who says learning can’t be fun? Your floating classroom will explore wine and make fascinating new London discoveries along the way.  It’s New World Camden vs Old World Little Venice –  This is one boat ride you don’t want to miss.

About the Venue:   The Grand Canal is an extensive network stretching over 130 miles. The section between Little Venice and Camden is one of the most scenic and historic. The floating Classroom is a charitable vessel. There is an outside viewing deck and inside seating for your comfort.

Cost:   Priced from £60 per person. Limited to 40 people.

 Tastour’s Floating Classroom YouTube video


Welcome to Tastour’s Floating Classroom!!!

The Floating Classroom

Classroom setup

The Floating Classroom

The Floating Classroom

Cheesey Teamwork

The Floating Classroom

The Floating Classroom


A Celebration of Wine and Music – with not a note or drop wasted

Drinking fine wines and listening to great music are two of life’s most pleasurable experiences.

Our unique and sensational programme linking these two worlds is preformed by The Abbott O’Gorman Piano Duo and Tastour.

Red, white, or  sparkling….Baroque, Classical or Jazz; It is a  fascinating blend of endless possibilities!!”

Just imagine the scene:  Each musical piece is introduced by your enchanting narrator.   Your guest will sip an array of fine wines whilst listening to four talented hands play an elegant grand piano.  Each set of music and wine will be accompanied by entertaining facts and tasting techniques presented by award-winning writer, presenter and entertainer, Kelly Bayliffe.


Wine Tasting & Muscial Concert

It’s an evening of indulgence, enjoyment and appreciation.



The Abbott O’Gorman Piano Duo

Recognised as one of the foremost piano duo ensembles, their performances have been acclaimed world-wide for their “impeccable technique; powerful, lucid and sensuous playing’ and the unique, personal panache with which they present their programmes.

Listen to a sample audio clip – Rapsodie Espangnole


Entertaining all levels, from serious collectors to the occasional imbiber, a style which is truely unique and engaging.  Winner of the International Wine Challenge, Wine Eduacator of the Year,

Suggested format:

Your entertaining evenings ensemble may be tailored to suit your programme: 

6:30 Welcome Champange and Canapés

6:40  Champagne Aria from Don Giovanni with an introduction on Sparkling Wine or Champagne

7:00 Sit down reception of 3 Whites & 3 reds. Such as an Argentinian Tango and Malbec. Optional Quiz

8:00 Dinner  is served


From £1300.


London is host to many suitable venues which will allow Piano Hire from £400.

Venues with a Piano:

If recommending a venue, the piano needs to be of reasonable quality, regularly played and recently tuned. 

Boisdale, Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NR. 30-60 guest

The South Bank Centre,

The Conway Hall, High Holborn. Up to 450 guest

Wigmore Hall, Bond Street Tube. W1U 2BP

The Warehouse, Waterloo.  Home to the London Festival Orchestra.

The Royal Institute,

Kings Place Events, Kings Cross & St Pancras. Winner of Business Venue of the Year.

Churches in Soho, Pimlico, Westminster, South Kensington, Belgravia Covent Garden

The Forge Arts Venue, Camden NW1 7NL

Outside of London:

The Piano Room, Leicestershire LE17 4LN


For more information contact Kelly Bayliffe, 07919053064 or

Eat like a local, travel to Jamaica

What’s the hottest (and I don’t just mean spicy) food trend? Jamaican Cuisine. With so few Jamaican restaurants in the UK, this craze may drive you to seek out authentic dishes.  In Jamaica, there’s more on offer than local food: checking out out the island’s vibrant music scene, sea-snorkeling, or simply relaxing on the crisp sandy beaches are just a few of the reasons why a record breaking 3.07 million visitors travelled there in 2011.

Here are a few fun facts – Jamaican style.

The fourth largest island in the Caribbean boasts a cuisine that is full of intense flavours. Jamaican food tends to be spicy, delicious and rich. If you have spent an active day swimming in the sea or in the pool, one of the regional curries is a good place to start exploring the food. Curried chicken uses a traditional blend of spices complemented by lime juice and scotch bonnet chilli peppers that give it a distinctly tropical flavour. Another Jamaican favourite is curried goat, which uses garlic and ginger to get its delicious taste.

Being an island, seafood is at the heart of Jamaican food. Why not hire a boat to take a fishing trip and enjoy a seafood dish in the evening, during your stay? Saltfish fitters, deep fried in a chilli batter, are a popular starter. The wonderfully named mackerel run down is a dish that is served in coconut milk, with dumplings and green bananas. There are few meals that are as Caribbean in flavour.

Exploring the island, you will undoubtedly notice many of the tropical fruits. No holiday in Jamaica would be complete without sampling mango juice, a local favourite. Also worth checking out is the juice of sour-sop, a fruit that grows all over the region and South America. The flavour is something like strawberry, pineapple, coconut and citrus all in one.

If you’re short on time, or perhaps a bit hungover, sample some fast food. Yes, I said fast food! But one could hardly place these simple yet tasty lobster Patties on the same scale as a Big Mac. Patties are often turmeric flavoured pastries, and no matter the diet, there is no end to fillings. One more thing you should try: A Patty stuffed in Coco bread. Jamaicans often use a patty as the filling in a coco bread sandwich.

Have I tempted you? If so, you may be tempted to check this link for the best flight deals to book your next holiday.

Social Summer… 2012 Highlights


Hello Tastourians!

As the seasons change, it reminds me of how much fun we’ve had this summer and the fun that awaits us. I thought I’d post my FAV snaps of the summer season.


A big warm thank you to everyone who joined us this year and looking forward to seeing you soon.   If you didn’t make it to an event, check out my inspirational last photo!!!





Summer 2012 Flashback:

We will remember the summer mostly by the abundance of Bisol Prosecco, fine food and laughter.

25% off, plus free delivery until 21st September!!! I’ve already stocked up for Christmas.

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights








Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

April – Boat Ride and Wine Tasting on the Canal

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

May – English Rose in an English Rose Garden

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights







May – Fine Wine Tennis Club Party

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

June – Royal Ascot

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

June – Henely

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

August – Bon Vivant Launch Party for the Olympics

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights
August – Ice cream and Liqueur Garden Party

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights








Sept – Fuller’s Brewery Tour

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

Sept – 9 Mile Hike & Vineyard Tour


I love this last photo as it means different things for different people.

1. You’ve been coming to events, and your moving along in your journey to meet new people and learn about food and drink

2. You haven’t been to an event, may these photos could be your stepping stones

3. Either way you look at it, it shows we are a crazy bunch who love to have fun!!!


Good wine + good people = good times!




See more photos here


Upcoming Events: (click the date for more info)

22nd Sept– Cocktail Demonstration and Guided Walking Tour of Soho

27th Sept – Global Dining Series: Bon Vivant’s only

30th Sept – Chocolate in the Forest, 6 mile guided stroll

6th Oct – Boat ride and wine tasting on the Canal

13th Oct – Fine Wine Tennis Club tasting: Bon Vivant’s only

10th Nov – Drink and Draw: Wine Glass painting class, tasting and dinner

17th Nov – Foodies Walking tour of Belgravia

15th Dec – Festive lights, feast and mulled wine walking tour


Heavy on Flavour… Light on the pocketbook

One of the wonderful things about Prosecco is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for price. You can pick up a bottle of bubbles for at least half the price of Champagne.  And your friends will even thank you for it!  In our Introduction to Champagne and Sparkling wine speedTASTING, nearly everyone prefers Prosecco. Whilst only half of people preferred Champagne.

If you thought all Prosecco was sweet, think again. Although it is characteristically fruiter than Champagne, it is mainly sold with a dry dosage!  Dosage rhymes with massage, and it a whole ‘nother blog post, so I’ll just leave you with… read the label.  Yep, just one little word will let you in on the bottle’s secret – the sweetness of the wine…. BRUT (means it will be dry!)

At whatever price point, there are two key words to look for on the label to ensure you are buying a quality prosecco:

The code word on the label that you want to be sure to look for is DOCG.  What is this, you ask?  Well, I shall tell you!  DOCG or ‘Controlled Designation of Origin Guaranteed’ is  a quality assurance label.  The DOCG came about after the DOC (‘Designation of Origin’) was considered to be handed out far too liberally.  The main difference between the two (besides price!) is that DOCG-labeled wines are tested by government-licensed personnel, approved, then bottled and stamped with a government number.  What does this mean for consumers?  You’re guaranteed to be getting top-notch quality.

And the third word to seek out is Valdobbiadene.  This is the only region where Prosecco is legally allowed to be made.  It’s just like Cava or Champagne, it now has a ‘trademark’ protecting it’s name.

My favourite recommendation comes from one of Italy’s top producers of this well-known sparkling wine.   Nino Franco, is located in the heart of the Prosecco DOC, has been making wine since 1919. They are considered to be one of the oldest Prosecco producers and  unlike many of their peers, the Franco family owns their own vineyards.  This means that all decisions on viticulture are solely theirs to make: the fruit can be picked, transported and crushed at their own discretion.  A they focus on lower yeilds their Italian competitors, the quality is undeniably higher.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Franco, and I must say, is was tastefully charming!  And I look forward to taking him up on the offer to stay at their vineyards, sounds like an excellent Tastour!


My top pick for the summer:

Nino Frano Rustico DOC Brut: Start with a scent of white flowers and lemon zest, but fall into the pleasantly complex flavour.  Though a dry bottle, this wine offers tiny bubbles and a green apple taste that lingers on the tongue, making it impossible not to think of summer.  Redolent of white peach, mint and pear, this wonderfully popular wine is one to try!

Price = £18 but on offer for £14 here

The winner of the free magnum is Katie Mineherat, Congrats Katie