Bottomless Dim Sum with the Tastour dining club

Monday September 10, 2018 at 18:45

Bottomless Dim Sum with the Tastour dining club  Map and Directions

Join the Tastour dining club for bottomless Dim Sum in Chinatown. You’ll meet like-minded people, enjoy an evening of laughter, good food and dim sum (pun intended)

Guest will be welcomed with a glass of chilled Prosecco and be showered with baskets of unlimited dim sum for 90 min for only £40 per person. Bon Vivant members save £5, join here

Service charge, non dim sum food ordered and additional drinks not included.

Sample menu: Steamed Dim Sum (Xiao Long Bao soup dumpling) Pork and crabmeat xiao long bao Spicy pork xiao long bao Pork xiao long bao Chicken xiao long bao Black truffle & pork xiao long bao Vegetarian xiao long bao Prawn dumplings Pork & vegetable dumplings Vegetarian dumplings Black truffle & seafood dumplings Seabass & fennel dumplings Pine nut & vegetable crystal bun Crystal prawn dumplings Crabmeat & vegetable dumplings Chicken & sweetcorn dumplings Chive & prawn dumplings Prawn & spinach dumplings Cantonese shrimp dumplings Won ton in spicy sauce (Pork & Prawn) Spicy duck dumplings Sichuan style pork buns Juicy barbecued pork buns Minced pork & crab roe siu-mai Glutinous rice with chicken & pork sausage wrapped in lotus leaf Phoenix claws in black bean sauce Spare ribs in black bean sauce Mushroom stuffed roll Grilled and Fried Dim Sum Pan-fried beancurd-skin rolls stuffed with shrimp Grilled buns filled with minced pork Classic shredded turnip puff Pan-fried turnip cake with pork Pan-fried chicken dumplings Grilled minced pork & vegetable buns Prawn rolls stuffed with minced garlic Shrimp puff Deep fried dough stick Cheung Fung -This is a long pancake shape rolled and wrapped. Served with soy. Fillet seabass cheung fun Prawn & coriander cheung fun Roast pork cheung fun Pork with preserved vegetable cheung fun Scallop & vegetable cheung fun Fried dough stick cheung fun -Congee are similar to rice soup. Oyster congee Pork & preserved egg congee Sweet potato congee