Decanter Festival (The world's best wine magazine)20% off (Bon Vivant's go free)

Saturday February 22, 2014 at 11:00

Decanter Festival (The world's best wine magazine)20% off (Bon Vivant's go free)Map and Directions

The thought of February just became warming!!!!  Decanter Fine Wine Encounter.  Need I say more?  Spain and Portugal’s best wines, served in London’s most prestigious hotel, The Landmark.  The event in November was so spectacular, I promise… Most of us consumed £300 worth of wine each and this time around will be no different.  So you can save the date, buy tickets and sign up for a £10 Masterclass (total bargain!)  Or just plan to walk around with me in our exclusive Tastour walking Tasting, or do both!!


Decanter Festival (The world's best wine magazine)20% off (Bon Vivant's go free)



The normal price of this event is £40, however, if you use promocode TastourSP14, you’re ticket will cost under £32

I have 10 complimentary tickets for Bon Vivant’s members (for more information and to join, visit ) Please sign up below if you would like to be entered to win.  In order to make it fair, we have allocated a certain number to old members who missed out last time, new members, and those who have not attended special events such as this, recently. If you are thinking of joining, please email me for availability.  Please note: I only have 10 free tickets and when these are gone, I will be sending you the link to buy a ticket.  Part of your membership is the special discount that I have arranged for you.  I hope you are able to take advantage of this exclusive offer and free walking tasting sessions organised especially for you in mind.  Winners will be announced on 1st February.

Included: WOW – WOW – WOW

I’m salivating at the number of extremely expensive and rare wines available to taste – at the last event the average price per bottle was around £75.  This means that we didn’t taste anything under £30 per bottle.  This is one of the only wine festivals in London where you will be able to enjoy this high of quality wines.  (see their website for a full list)

PLUS… you will meet people like Mr and Mrs Grant Burges of Grant Burges wines… How cool is that????

PLUS – PLUS – PLUS… I will be there guiding a group around, and giving mini wine tasting sessions.  This is equal to a 4 hour wine tasting and is invaluable to your experience at the show.  This is complimentary, no need to book, just show up at the meeting points listed below.

How many wines do you think you’ll manage? My target is 30, as I’m looking forward to chatting with the producers and savouring every sip.

And if your not a huge wine glutten… Just come for the beautiful ambiance of the Landmark.  It’s breath-taking.

How to book:

You need to purchase tickets in advance to receive the discount.

Please enter your 20% discount code: TastourSP14 for Sunday’s Grand Tasting online at Decanter and your tickets will cost just £32;

Tickets can be bought with the code here:


If you would like to attend a masterclass, there are only a few tickets left, and they must be pre-booked. Masterclass tickets are from £10 (in addition to your ticket price)


The doors open at 11, however, I will meet Tastourians at 12pm, 2:30 and 5pm.

(In the lobby: near the coffee/ in between the cloak check & registration desk)

Decanter Fine Wine Encounter

22nd February

The Landmark Hotel, London, NW1.

Grand Tasting 11am – 5pm

Taste over 600 wines and mingle with the world’s finest producers all under one roof at the elegant Landmark Hotel.

Grand Tasting, Discovery Theatre and Masterclass tickets available for both days.

Follow Decanter events:


Decanter website:

So, even if you can’t come along to the event, check em out!!!!


If you’ve never been to a wine festival,  there will be lots of tables, each with around different 10 wines to try. In total probably around 600 wines.  You walk around, sampling the different wines and talking to the producers. It’s very informal and not snobby at all – it’s amazing!  I try to focus on one grape at a time, meaning that I will try a Sauvingon Blanc from each table. Or I try all the whites first, then come back and try the reds.


Venue: The Landmark Hotel: 222 Marylebone Road NW1 6JQ London United Kingdom

Free tickets for Bon Vivants Members

We are pleased to offer 10 Bon Vivants complimentary tickets to this event.  In order to distribute the tickets evenly, Please sign up on meetup, with a comment in the thread, and I will post a list of those that will receive free tickets.  New method – let’s see how it works 🙂

Q: How do I get a free ticket?

A:Join our paid membership programme Tastour’s Bon Vivant membership is a fast track to becoming one of the Capital’s arbiters of taste. In the past, we’ve enjoyed exclusive tastings at Tastour Head Quarters such as Undiscovered Wines and Classy Bin ends and an afternoon filming one of Sky TV’s leading cookery shows, Market Kitchen, £70 wine dinners at Criterion Restaurant.

Membership is £70
– upgrade your membership here

Tastour Tip:

There are so many wines at this event, you may want to eat something before you come. We will be going out to eat afterwards.


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