Friday night Social miniTASTING: London EC2

Friday July 19, 2013 at 19:00

Friday night Social miniTASTING:  London EC2Map and Directions

This months theme:

I asked for Tastourians to suggest a theme… and so this month we will focus on How wine is made.

Do you have a buring wine question?  Send an email and we’ll do this as the theme – It will be a mix of red and white wines.  At this special miniTASTING you’ll have the chance to try these wines side-by-side and decide for yourself which you prefer. Plus you’ll learn a few interesting facts to share at your next dinner party.

The new miniTASTINGS format is a huge success.  More quality wine… more food and wine pairing… more laughter and more great people to meet.

It’s a new venue, so come show your support (and get silly with us… he he he).

Event details:

Each month is a new learning theme… If you’re confusing your Pinot Grigio with your Pinot Gris? Get a quick fix and learn a thing or two about wine with Tastour.

Around 50 wine lovers gather at this event – it’s more informal than a guided Tastour tasting and it’s just as much fun.

If you’re coming alone for the first time, don’t worry – I’ll be there with a big welcoming smile and make sure are introduced to a fun group of poeople.

Supper Club:

For those that can sneak out of work early, we meet at 6pm to share platters of food.  It’s a great way to chat before the tasting, and enjoy some food to soak up the alcohol.

To register for the supper club, please sign up when you pay for your ticket, if you sign up as yes, and can’t make it, I would like to ask that you still pay as I need to order the food in advance.  If I collect money, you’ll have to paypal fee’s etc, so I’m just trying the honesty route first.  Hope that’s okay.

The price for the supper club is an additional £8

Venue: The Red Herring, 49 Gresham Street  City of London, EC2V 7EH

Time: The doors open for checkin at 7:00 pm, however we are there from 6:15, if you would like to have a pre-tasting drink.  The  tasting starts at 7:15pm and ends at 8:15pm.  Most people stay on for a bit of social and drink after the tasting.

Nearest Tube: St Paul’s

Also nearby, Bank, Moorgate, Mansion House

Cost: only £12 if pre-paid on-line 24 hours in advance

£15 cash on the door

FREE for Bon Vivant members, why not join today?

What’s included:

  • You’ll enjoy a 1 hour guided side-by-side tasting comparison of 3 expensive wines
  • some food pairings

Each month is a different learning theme, giving you tips and tricks to help you learn what you like and why you like it so that you can shop smarter and save money.


Attending on your own?  Don’t worry!!  Most attendees will be on their own and our events are designed to make you feel like your one of the regulars as soon as you arrive.


If you would like to pre-pay and receive the advance price, this link will redirect you to the Tastour website, where your money will be collected via paypal or credit card. It is quick and easy!

Special offer! You can come for free if you get 3 of your friends to book too!
(Pay for all tickets in advance, then we’ll give you cash back on the night, email for details)

About Tastour

Tastour, UK Wine Educator of the Year*, makes meeting people and learning about food and drink fun, easy and engaging. With a diverse range of events, priced from £5, there is really something for everyone – from epicurean tastings and exclusive dinners, recipe swaps and walking tours to day trips and social networking nights. Our signature speedTASTING events, filled with one-liners and quirky facts, are all served alongside quality food and drink. Bring a date, your mates or come along on your own, we hope to see you at a Tastour soon!
To buy tickets or for more information about Tastour and our award-winning weekly epicurean events and private parties visit or phone 07919053064
* Awarded by the International Wine Challenge 2010

miniTASTING Experience…

Written by
Sarah, Tastourian
Last Tuesday, I spent the evening meeting and talking to grapes…am I crazy? Was I trolleyed?!

Well, definitely not nuts, nor were the 50 others who were there.

It was Tastour’s monthly social drinks – as we went in, we all chose a grape personality and got a sticker. I plumped for ‘Pinot Grigio – I’m TRENDY – I’m in all the bars, not always cheap, but I am EASY…drinking’. It was hilarious! I met so many grape people!!! I also met up with a few old friends in the guise of Malbec ‘Rich and chococately, I am every girl’s dream’ and Marsanne ‘Some consider me to be the finest in the world. Learning about the grape styles was fun. I even met my match – I mean, I met a chap who’d also chosen Pinot Grigio. Did this mean we were soul-mates – Mr and Miss Pinot Grigio – both trendy and playful?! We’ll see!

Although it was a social drinks night, there was also a mini-wine tasting – rather aptly named a Tastour Tease! So not just a great night with some fun people, but I learned something as well! At the start of the evening, in small groups, you were guided through your first glass of wine – this glass of wine was free when you arrived. We learnt a few tricks of trade about aromas. The guide said that we’ll be tackling a different subject every month. But it’s whet my appetite – they’re running a Champagne tasting on 24th April and I’m going to sign up tonight. The tasting was only hour, so there was plenty of time to get mingling, and test out my new-found smelling skills! All in all, a grape night!!


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