Win a Magnum of Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco & two tickets to a miniTASTING

To celebrate Royal Ascot, and all things fine in life, Nino Franco is offering Tastourians a chance to win a magnum (not one, but two bottles) of the best Prosecco’s in the world. Plus we’re giving away two tickets to a miniTASTING for you to collect your prize!

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To Enter:

All you need to do is email, info(at)  with the answer to the following question:

Which region is Prosecco produced? You can find the answer here

Terms and conditions:

Competition closes on the 25th June.  All entries will be added to our mailing list.

Winner must collect bottle from an event within 6 months of winning.  Two tickets to one of our upcoming miniTASTINGs are included, no purchase is required to win this prize.

All Bon Vivant members are entered three times.

Purchase of Royal Ascot and Nino Franco tasting is not required.  However, more information can be found here

Purchase of Nino Franco Prosecco is not required, however, should you wish to indulge, here’s the link

Entries will be assigned a number based on time order of response. For example, if you are the 21st person to email, than your number is 21.  If you are a Bon Vivant member, than your numbers are: 21, 22, 23

Entries will be selected via and will be announced on the 26th June.

About Nino Franco

Nino Franco is a family winery producing top quality Prosecco since 1919. The Franco family owns their own vineyards and focus on quality not quanity.


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