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Welcome to Tastour – the award-winning Food and Drink Experience company based in and around London!

We host fine wine and delectable food tastings, anywhere, and for anyone!  It’s fun, sociable, engaging, and affordable to all! After you register your voucher, why not have a look and see what else we have coming up?

Thank you for booking your place on the our West End Wine miniTASTING event through Living Social

Wondering what you’re getting yourself into? Here’s our recently launch youtube video http://youtu.be/XT2ayPO4ksw, we’re currently editing our MiniTASTING video, and assure you you’ll have just as much fun.

To register your voucher: it’s EASY as 1-2-3

1. Go to the Events Page.  Find the date you’d like to attend.  Click the Book Tickets button.

At the top of the booking page:

2. Please enter your VOUCHER code, where it ask, ‘do you have a voucher code?’  (this is the second line)

An example of the correct ‘Living social’ code format (found on the left side of the voucher):  10000

3. Bring your voucher with you to your event.


Your voucher is valid for the following dates:

Tuesday             Friday 

1st May                18th May

5th June             15th June

3rd July              20th July

7th Aug              24th Aug

4th Sept               21st Sept


Your guide to great tastings,

Kelly Bayliffe

PS… We have a special offer just for you!

We want you to taste the world…and have fun doing it!

Tastour is for anyone, whether single or partnered, who enjoys mingling with others whilst learning about and experiencing the pleasures of our gastronomically fascinating capital.

Forget about boring sales pitches, or stuffy lectures! Our events are just as likely to showcase activities such as high-speed boat rides, horse races, or river walks, in addition to more formal social events.

Membership with Tastour brings with it unlimited access to some of the most exciting and fun wine and food gatherings in the country (dare we say the world?)!

We’re offering a special Bon Vivant membership rate of £60 for the year! (Annual rate is usually £150 – that’s a SAVING of £90!)

As a Bon Vivant Member, you are entitled to:

–        Attend ALL monthly social drinks and miniTASTINGS for FREE (a saving of £300!)

–        Receive invites to ‘members only’ events and social gatherings

–       Save up to 70% off Pay-As-You-Go Events (a total savings of over £500 per year!).

–       Unlimited access to a wonderful community of ‘taste adventurers’

–       Meet and mingle regularly with other members at exclusive events in and around London

JOIN here.



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