Georgian Wine Tasting & Supra Feast

Wednesday February 29, 2012 at 18:30

Georgian Wine Tasting & Supra FeastMap and Directions

Georgian food and wine is becoming very popular in London at the moment. The nation of Georgia, formerly part of the Soviet Union until independence in 1991, is known for its extravagant feasting (‘Supra’) which involves an assortment of exquisite meat and vegetable dishes served with copious amounts of their delicious wine.  In fact, Georgia is credited as the  actual birthplace of wine production, and considers the ancient art of winemaking a tradition in itself. -Their Saperavi grape is gorgeous and  its wine has always been highly prized.. Join us for ‘Supra’: wine tasting, dinner and live music, and discover the delectable gems of Georgia!

What’s on offer?:

A glass of Georgian sparkling wine upon arrival. An interesting introduction to, and guided wine tasting of, highly prized Georgian Wines. An exclusive tasting menu of over 10 famously delicious Georgian dishes and live music after the meal.
The charming owner of will be on hand to answer any questions you might have concerning these world renowned wines, and to provide an opportunity for you to buy them at a discounted rate.


A mere £50 will ensure your place at this exclusive event if booked 1 week in advance.

Standard fee is £55 (without the advanced booking discount of £5)

Bon Vivant members save £10

Arrival Time: 6:30

From  6:30-7 canapes and sparkling wine will be served to guests.


The ‘feasting fun’ begins at 7pm.

The Georgian Menu

Upon Arrival:
Russian Blini (traditional Russian pancakes) with Red Caviar
Russian Blini with Smoked Salmon
Khachapuri  (mouthwatering Cheese Pie)

Served with a glass of champagne.

First Course:
Aubergine Caviar (deliciously rich and textured eggplant; contains no caviar)
Vinaigrette Salad ‘Olivier (a Russian delicacy composed of succulent meat pieces, vegetables, diced potatoes…)
Jellied Ox Tong (you would not believe how delicious this is!)

Severed with a tasting sample of 4 Georgian wines

Second Course:
Tiger Pawns
Pelmeni Tsarskie
Siberian Pelmeni (‘Pelmeni’ are delicious stuffed dumplings)

Served with your choice of wine from the menu
(not included in ticket price)

Russian Bar & Restaurant
Tel. 020 7233 7000

Fountain Square is a side street located about half way down off Colonnade Walk. Colonnade Walk is an covered walkway at the base of a large office complex between Buckingham Palace Road and Bulleid Way.  If you are walking from Victoria, it is the block after Victoria Plaza.

Nearest Tube:

About the Venue:
Set your bearing strait for Sobranie and tuck into authentic Russian fare. This is one of those little gems of a restaurant,  a closely guarded secret well known to those in the inner society circle of ex-pat Russians. It’s tucked away behind Victoria Station, but you can already smell the delicious, homemade food from the main street. As one would expect, the wine list is as impressive as the food.  You’ll dine like a Tsar, without your wallet turning Bolshevik!
Visit the Restaurant’s website:


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