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I have never been to a tasting event.
What can I expect?

You can expect to thoroughly enjoy yourself!  With over 50 different styles of Tastour events, we have something to suit everyone’s needs.  Not only do we share with you basic tasting techniques and food and wine knowledge that you can apply in your everyday life, but we also have fun tasting and sharing the experience with other like-minded people.  Like cars or fashion, we don’t expect you to like them all.  If you leave with a shortlist of favourites or discover only one style that you truly like, it’s been a successful tasting.

What’s included in the cost of the ticket?

At Tastour, we focus on delivering a great experience as well as value for you money!
Standard tasting events
pour about 6 small samples of cheap wine. This amounts to approximately 1 small glass of wine.  At most Tastour events, guests are served nearly a bottle’s worth of fine wine, retailing at £8-30. This is included in the ticket price.

Please look at the ‘What’s Included’
section of the event invite.

I’m attending
with my date, partner or friend and
just want to learn about food and wine.

The environment created at a Tastour event is warm, relaxed and social which means that they’re great for bringing a friend, a partner or even a date to.

Our events also provide the perfect opportunity for meeting and interacting with  interesting, like-minded people, as we provide time to chat throughout the activities and tasting.

We offer over 50 styles of events, each with a different balance of learning, socialising and experience.

Our award-winning teaching techniques encourage guests to learn through sharing their thoughts and opinions.

If you’re attending a speedTASTING event with a guest,
and would like to remain partners throughout the event, simply inform the friendly and professional host.

“Really great night, I was going, initially, to learn about wine, but the social aspect was a real bonus.
Kelly was a fantastic host and I look forward to attending more of her events.”
– James, Tastourian

Where are Tastour events held?
Most events are in central London but we are always
expanding our list of exclusive events, so there might soon be one just up your street!

Our Bon Vivant members can even choose to host their very own bespoke dinner parties! We’ll organize the entire evening and make sure it’s an absolute success.
(More info on this?)

Which tasting events are on offer?

Beer – Wine – Whisky – Port – Sherry – Vodka – Champagne

Chocolate – Olive Oil – Cheese – Gelato – Salt

… the world is your oyster
(which, by the way, we also offer as an event tasting!)

I have attended many wine tastings. Is this the right group for me?

If you are already a seasoned taster, our exciting and well selected tasting samples and professional teaching techniques will challenge your current knowledge and tastes.

We don’t do boring lectures, or stuffy, awkward sales pitches. We do highly entertaining and informative tastings, where the focus is on fun, learning, and social interaction.

What type of people attend the events?

Our award-winning events attract people with a taste for life, who are looking for new experiences and  share an interest in, and passion for, fine food and drink. No pre-existing knowledge is required.
Most Tastourians are in their late 20s to mid-40s, andtend to be friendly, good-natured people who are simply looking for fun and enjoyment.

Can I attend on my own?
Of course!
Due to the relaxed, lighthearted structure of our events, interacting and mingling occurs naturally in an unforced and comfortable way! Within minutes you will be making friends and expanding your social circle with others who share your passion for discovery and fine food and drink.

‘I am so glad I finally made it to an event.  I was really nervous to come on my own,  but the group was so friendly and welcoming.
The night was perfect, this is just the type of event London needs for meeting people in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. I have already booked on to the next event!’
Tracy, Tastourian

Can we attend as a large group?
If you’d like to turn your party into a Tastour Party, you’ll be rewarded with a group discount. Email for details;  you may even qualify for a private bespoke event!

Future Events

Honey tasting and beehive tour
Trip to Adams brewery
English wine tour and South Downs walk
English rosé wine in an English rose garden
A Tastour pop-up BBQ
Visits to the best restaurants in the UK

Day trips to English vineyards

Royal Ascot horse racing
Indoor golfing and go-kart riding
Country walks and trips to the seaside


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