Best of Britain: Wine, Chocolate, Whisky, Cheese, and Beer

For parties of 10 or more…

Teambuilding Options:
Competition: There’s nothing better than a bit of competition.  Each team will create their own patriotic team name, and work together to score points against their rival teams.

Networking: Would you like employees to interact and engage with eachother?  At our speedTASTING events, guest will meet and spend around 10 minutes with up to 80% of the guest.

Entertaining Options:

Modern: The Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) happen to be some of the best classically trained musicians in London yet play brit pops songs such as their own unique dubstep version of Chariot’s of Fire, as well as iconic British songs such as Wonderwall by Oasis and Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

USO have a long history of performing at exclusive sporting events and venues, including The Queen’s Club 125th Anniversary Ball, The Opening of The Emirates Stadium and at the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Tradional:  If your clients are looking for more tradional British folk music please contact us.

Sample Tasting Programme:  Our Best of Britain tasting event can be shorten to only 20 minutes, if that’s all that’s there is time for.  However, for guest complete contentment, we recommmend 3 hours for the full tasting.

Welcome taste of award winning sparkling wine
Guest will be treated to a taste of Camel Valley Brut 2010. Voted the worlds best sparkling wine by the International Wine Challenge.

White Wine served with Goats Cheese
England’s most successful grape Bacchus is very similar to Sauvignon Blanc. England produces more award winning cheese than France. This classic match will not only demonstrate 2 of England’s prized produce, it will highlight the rules of wine and cheese pairing.

Cider & Real Ale Sampler
This trio will pair the artisan qualities of craft cider and ale with English Cheese. Cloudy cider, well made ale and oak aged ‘extremist’ beer may shock and delight your guest – all in the same sip.

Whisky & Cheese
In this brief introduction to whisky, using proper tasting glasses with lids, guest will taste the difference between a peated and unpeated whisky. As an extra, we could finish this expresive section by matching both cheese and chocolate to these to distinct style of whiskies.  Go on… spoil your guest!

Taste the world’s best truffle, when they taste this good you only need 1. The perfect ending to a delightful and insightful tasting.  Or if your budget allows, surprise your guest with up to 4 tasting samples.

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