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Bring and Share Secret Supper with Country Walk and Fine Wine Tasting

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.



Last year we hosted our secret santa, bring and share in a hired a hall, which was beautiful.

This year, I thought we could host our Christmas party at my home in Northolt village at the end of the Central Line.  When friends visit, they often comment that it's like going on holiday, and can't believe they are still on the tube line.

This format was a huge success last year, and I'm looking forward to a repeat! And think it will be even beter with the country walk!

12:00 Mulled Wine and Canapes

1:00 Walk in the country and along the canal

2:30 Fine Wine Tasting and Secret Santa

3:30 Supper and wine extrodinare!!!

6:00 Wrap up... or stay on


We are going to meet for a glass of mulled wine, and then set off on an hour long walk through two country parks and along the canal to the famous Northolt Hills.

Why do a bring and share?

1. We are a group of foodies.

2. There are some very talented people in this group: you either know how to make it or where to buy it... both very worthy talents in my book!

3. In the past, our bring and shares are more like a Jamie Oliver commercial or the BBC Good Food Show, than friends sharing a meal.

4. They are always good fun, the food is always spectacular and the company's even better.

Upcoming Events

What to bring:

Please bring a dish. Most people will spend around £15 on the dish, however, you can spend as little or as much as you like. I've had some very tasty canapés which cost £2 for 10 of them, so don't feel you need to splash out!

If you do buy it from the store, please only buy from delicatessens / speciality food shops, or make sure it's so good, we won't know the difference (we all have a few of those tricks up our sleves)

If you don't want to bring something, there is an option this year to make a donation and I will glady arrange it for you.

We will have ovens/stoves to heat your dish


About the Walk:

Upcoming Events

A row of cottages in Northolt:

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

After the walk:

We will return to my home and enjoy a fine wine tasting and a delicious spread of food.

For dinner: I'm suggesting a bring and share supper.  Meaning that each person brings a dish. The suggested spend on the receipe is £15, depending on what it is.  If you would rather not make something, I will happily make a dish for you for a £15 donation.


Please arrive promptly for 12:00 for canapes and mulled wine.  We will leave for the walk at 1pm.

Formal part of the party will finish around 6pm, however, guest are welcome to stay on as we turn the dinning room into a dance party!

Location: 5 minutes walk from Northolt tube station.  (30 mins from Oxford Circus)

For Secret Santa: Please bring one unisex gift around £10 in price (this is optional) We all love to cook/eat, so there's your starting point :)




£25 for Bon Vivant members, £30 if booked after the 8th December

£45 for non members, meetup members, and Bon Vivant members guest, £50 if booked after the 8th December


What's included?

Upcoming EventsThis includes: a glass (or 3) of mulled wine, the guided walk, fine wine tasting, setting & cleaning up fee, booking fee, paypal fee.  The wines are going to be extra special, as usual.

The wines will be fairly unusual.... It will be like going to a fine wine fair - there will be around 10 different wines to try, some costing over £25 per bottle.

Other Beverages: mulled wine, tea, coffee, water.  I will also provide a generous selection of both red and white wine. Posh cordial upon request.

I'll be hiring a few helpers too. (It took 6 hours to clean up the last party - if you would like to volunteer please let me know.)

Comments from last year:

'Many thanks Kelly for being a wonderful host creating such a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. This was my 1st meetup event and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was great to meet everyone and I look fwd to attending future events.'

'Thank you for the wonderful day on Sunday, to everyone I spoke to for their company and secret santa. I thought the way you decorated the hall was amazing. Looking forward to seeing some photos going up.'


Would you please make a note of what you are bringing in the comment section?













Hall Hire and Decorations: Although the money goes to charity, the hall is still expensive. A large part of the cost of your ticket goes to the hall hire. The hall is beautiful and needs little decoration, but I have bought decorations to give it a bit of a wow factor to make this an extra special day for you.


I hope you agree that this is a nicer, more personal experience than going to a restaurant for dinner.

If you haven't been before, I look forward to welcoming you into the Tastour Family! And for those that have, I look forward to sharing a very special meal with you!!


Best wishes,








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