A Tourist Global Guide to Tipping

Do I, or don’t I? Loose change or crispy like pork crackling? TIP Acronyms= To Insure Promptness To Insure Proper Service Tipping need’t be cloud of grey. Here’s a colourful infographic on how much to tip, and how not to offend:

Heavy on Flavour… Light on the pocketbook

One of the wonderful things about Prosecco is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for price. You can pick up a bottle of bubbles for at least half the price of Champagne.  And your friends will even thank you for it!  In our Introduction to Champagne and Sparkling wine speedTASTING, nearly everyone prefers Prosecco. Whilst only half of people preferred Champagne. If you thought all Prosecco was sweet, think again. Although it is characteristically fruiter than Champagne, it is […]

Prosecco Pizzazz… glamour in your fizz!

Not only is Prosecco a delectable treat on its own, but you can use its sparkling features to spice up your next cocktail bash!  I love sparkling wine cocktails.  There’s just nothing better than enjoying a delicious Mimosa with your breakfast… I mean, early lunch.  And they are extremely simple to make!  As Chicagoland Chef du Jour says: “Add any fruit and you’ve got an instant cocktail!” Don’t spoil your up-market fizz with down-market pre-mix: add a bit of glamour […]

Win a Magnum of Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco & two tickets to a miniTASTING

To celebrate Royal Ascot, and all things fine in life, Nino Franco is offering Tastourians a chance to win a magnum (not one, but two bottles) of the best Prosecco’s in the world. Plus we’re giving away two tickets to a miniTASTING for you to collect your prize! Blogs on Prosecco: Bare facts on Prosecco Prosecco… glamour in your fizz Heavy on Flavour…  Light on the pocketbook   To Enter: All you need to do is email, info(at)tastour.co.uk  with the […]

Entertaining Educational Style —– it’s like Wine Comedy

We realise that each audience is different. Why our Educational Style is Unique: Adaption and personalisation is our specialty. We don’t have one presentation which is memorised and delivered to all. Tell us who is attending your event, and we’ll design a bespoke presentation which connects your audience to our presentation. Contact us for more information. Forget about boring sales pitches, or stuffy lectures! Our events are just as likely to showcase activities such as high-speed boat rides, horse races, […]

The Best Regions to Eat surrounding the Mediterranean Sea

A cruise around the Mediterranean? Why not?  I love the idea of hop-on-hop-off  and being American it meant that we could tick a lot of boxes in a short time. It makes a perfect short break or longer holiday for numerous reasons. The pleasant weather, diversity of cultural experiences and some of the finest shopping in the world makes towns and cities bordering the Mediterranean Sea some of the best destinations anywhere. One of the premium delights of this area […]

Organic wine is table art… Tour de Belfort

Have you ever tasted Love, when you taste wine?  A glass of Tour de Belfort is a taste of love. But like any true Love, the more time you spend getting to know each other, the more in Love you fall.  And fall hard, I did. Organic wine is table art… it’s a centre piece of  conversation and admired for its inner beauty. Every year, the staff at Tour de Belfort hand prune (cut) their 50,000 vines, harvest 350,000 bunches […]