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Wine Trend: Organic & Bio-Dynamic Wine Tasting Recap

It’s always a pleasure to introduce new wines and concepts to help you get thinking about what your drinking! Last month we hosted our first Organic, biodynamic and natural wine tasting.   A recap of a few of the things we learned: The term natural wine is reserved only for wines with no sulphites or chemicals, it is not a generic term for organic wine. The EU is allowed to label a wine Organic if it contains sulphites, however in […]

The Best Wine Tasting in London

HOW TO TASTE WINE AND NOT WASTE TIME Attention, Tastorians! This is not your ordinary stuffy old tasting! Tastour’s fun night of learning is filled with     one-liners, anecdotes and eye-popping facts. Most people say they want to learn about wine, but often they can’t find the time for a course or don’t want to get bogged down with the details.  This entertaining and educational guided tasting is all about having fun, teaching you to spot the bargains and developing relationships with clients […]

Best of Britain: Wine, Chocolate, Whisky, Cheese, and Beer

For parties of 10 or more… Teambuilding Options: Competition: There’s nothing better than a bit of competition.  Each team will create their own patriotic team name, and work together to score points against their rival teams. Networking: Would you like employees to interact and engage with eachother?  At our speedTASTING events, guest will meet and spend around 10 minutes with up to 80% of the guest. Entertaining Options: Modern: The Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) happen to be some of the best classically […]

Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival Dancers

Our Brazilian Wine Tasting experience is the one of a kind in the UK. If you’re looking for new experiences to entertain your clients, you’re likely be the first to provide this unique experience. With only 39 wine producers, Brazilian wine is hard to find.  Treat your clients to a wine tasting which will be talked about for years to come. Your clients will be tested with our Brazil vs France challenge, teased with scrumptous food pairings and enchanted by stories and facts about […]

The Floating Classroom

Check out the video!!!  About the Event:   Who says learning can’t be fun? Your floating classroom will explore wine and make fascinating new London discoveries along the way.  It’s New World Camden vs Old World Little Venice –  This is one boat ride you don’t want to miss. About the Venue:   The Grand Canal is an extensive network stretching over 130 miles. The section between Little Venice and Camden is one of the most scenic and historic. The floating Classroom […]

A Celebration of Wine and Music – with not a note or drop wasted

Drinking fine wines and listening to great music are two of life’s most pleasurable experiences. Our unique and sensational programme linking these two worlds is preformed by The Abbott O’Gorman Piano Duo and Tastour. Red, white, or  sparkling….Baroque, Classical or Jazz; It is a  fascinating blend of endless possibilities!!” Just imagine the scene:  Each musical piece is introduced by your enchanting narrator.   Your guest will sip an array of fine wines whilst listening to four talented hands play an elegant […]

Social Summer… 2012 Highlights

  Hello Tastourians! As the seasons change, it reminds me of how much fun we’ve had this summer and the fun that awaits us. I thought I’d post my FAV snaps of the summer season.   A big warm thank you to everyone who joined us this year and looking forward to seeing you soon.   If you didn’t make it to an event, check out my inspirational last photo!!!         Summer 2012 Flashback: We will remember […]