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Wines to Drink with Friends miniTASTING (Free for Bon Vivants)

Thursday February 8, 2018 at

Wines to Drink with Friends miniTASTING (Free for Bon Vivants)

Join us for a fantastic evening tasting fine wines, and meeting fine people. You’ll enjoy an evening of socialising and an hour of interactive wine education.  We make learning about wine fun SOCIAL, entertaining, so expect a lot humour, fun facts, story telling and mixing with like minded people.

Theme: Wines to drink with Friends

Please note, this tasting starts at 7pm, however, you can arrive from 6pm to socialise. Easy to get to venue, one minute walk from the tube Wines to Drink with Friends miniTASTING (Free for Bon Vivants)

Wines to Drink with Friends miniTASTING (Free for Bon Vivants)

Event Details:

Each month is a new learning theme…  Get a quick fix and learn a thing or two about wine with Tastour.

Around 40-50 wine lovers gather at this event – it’s more informal than a guided Tastour tasting and it’s just as much fun.

At this tasting you’ll learn the difference between the classic wine regions, plus a few fun nuggets to share at your next dinner party.


Cost of the wine tasting:

£15 for Non Members, £20 if not booked online 48 hours in advance

FREE for Bon Vivant Members, why not join today? Upgrade your membership for only £70 per year and enjoy up to 10 socialTASTING’s, and tickets to various tastings hosted by our partners such as Decanter for free. We also organise private dinner parties, discounted Michelin Starred dining, BYOB restaurants, theatre, secret super clubs and many more exclusive events, just for our Bon Vivant Members. For more information & and upgrade your membership visit:

Or pay as you go as a Tastourian through this event invite.

If you would like to pre-pay and receive the advance price, the link above will redirect you to the Tastour website, where your money will be collected via paypal or credit card. It is quick and easy! If you have problems with paypal, please contact me.

What’s included:

You’ll enjoy a presentation on three to four fine wines, from different regions.  The wines will be of exceptional quality.  You will receive 125ml of wine.

The formal part of the guided tasting will last around onw hour with some socialising mixed in, however, many guest will continue to network throughout the evening.

You will leave this event, feeling well educated and hopefully a few new friends to explore London with.

Time: The doors open for check-in at 6:00 pm.  The  tasting starts at 7:00pm and ends at 8:30pm.  Our private area closes around 11pm

After the tasting: The food at the pub is really great. Your host will organise an optional delicious sharing dinner for everyone that is interested after the tasting; which includes steak, prawns and all sorts of yummy veggie treats too. The cost is £10 and is collected in cash on the night.

Wines to Drink with Friends miniTASTING (Free for Bon Vivants)


The Walrus and The Carpenter takes its name from a poem by Lewis Carroll. The verse is recited by Tweedledum and Tweedledee in ‘Through The Looking Glass’. We stand in the shadow of history, in view of The Monument to commemorate the Great Fire of London. The column’s height marks the distance to the site of Thomas Farynor’s bakery in Pudding Lane where the fire began.

Nearest Tube:

Monument (1 Minute Walk)

Also nearby, Bank (Central & Northern Lines) Cannon Street, Fenchurch Street, Tower Hill), London Bridge


Attending on your own?  Don’t worry!!  Most attendees will be on their own and our events are designed to make you feel like your one of the regulars as soon as you arrive.


About the wines:

All of our wines are carefully selected to highlight the particular theme of the night.  They are usually between £10-30 retail, but can cost up to £100 per bottle.


About Tastour

Tastour, UK Wine Educator of the Year*, makes meeting people and learning about food and drink fun, easy and engaging. With a diverse range of events, priced from £5, there is really something for everyone – from epicurean tastings and exclusive dinners, recipe swaps and walking tours to day trips and social networking nights.

Bring a date, your mates or come along on your own, we hope to see you at a Tastour soon!
To buy tickets or for more information about Tastour and our award-winning weekly epicurean events and private parties visit or phone 07919053064

* Awarded by the International Wine Challenge 2010


Organic Wine

Wine Trend: Organic & Bio-Dynamic Wine Tasting Recap

It’s always a pleasure to introduce new wines and concepts to help you get thinking about what your drinking!

Last month we hosted our first Organic, biodynamic and natural wine tasting.


A recap of a few of the things we learned:

  • The term natural wine is reserved only for wines with no sulphites or chemicals, it is not a generic term for organic wine.
  • The EU is allowed to label a wine Organic if it contains sulphites, however in the US wines using sulphites must be labelled, ‘made with organically grown grapes.’
  • Wines need sulphites to preserve them.  It’s a myth that people are allergic to red wine and not white wine due to sulphites.  White wine has more sulphites than reds.
  • The legal term ‘Organic’ covers the vineyard management, not the winery techniques.
  • Organic wines are for those that seek new and interesting wine experiences and who refuse to support a wine world influenced through ‘Parkerization’
  • Bio-dynamic wines connect with the natural biology of the vineyard.  They use the phases of the moon to prune the vineyard.  In interesting fact is, when the moon is ascending, the vines have less water, therefore it’s the best time to prune.  They also practice filling of cow horns with manure and burying them in the soil.  This is then diluted with water and sprayed on the vines.  There are more flowery sprays as well, like Camomile.


The wines:

  • White wines from Vinho Verde tend to be very crisp and dry, especially compared to the Quinta da Palmirnha Branco we enjoyed.
  • The second red, Duas Vinhas 2010, which was slightly sparkling has natural S02.  I personally like this slight sprizt in a wine, and it should not be seen as a fault
  • The third red, Bonjardim 2006, proved that organic wine can age, with the additions of sulphites, of course.


A special thanks to Roman and Ricardo who came with their delicious and unique wines.  If you would like to keep in touch with them, here is there contact information:

twitter: @PortugueseStory

We created a poll to ask people about their experiecnce with Organic Wines:

It was interesting to see how these topics provoked a few good conversations, and prove some of the theories I spoke about in the tasting.

I know I’m a wine geek, but I find these very answers very interesting: (45 attended, 32 filled out the survey)

  • 14 of 32 had never had an Organic wine. 9 of you had a good to excellent experience.

For those that had a bad experience, you now know that the quality of Organic wine has dramatically increased in the last decade due to the addition of sulphites.

  • Only 5 would pay £3 more for a wine made with organic grapes.

Did this change for you by the end of the tasting?

  • Only 9 people would seek them out if they were in a separate section of the store

Which proves why most producers who paid for their certification, don’t label their wines as such – they don’t want to lose their position on the shelf!

  • Only 3 people seek out wines of usual grapes/blends (more than 50% of the time)  

We really must change this!!!  As there is less intervention in the final taste of the wine (like using native yeast, no sugar or chemicals added) organic wines have a more diverse taste than mainstream wines.  So if you like trying different wines, go for organic!

  • 17 people said they lifestyle was more than 50% sustainable. (recycles and reuses, tries to save energy)  

Being sustainable is a large part of our culture.  Most wineries claim to be sustainable, however, organic wineries take it to the next level.

  • The preferred term for Organic wine is Artisan and Small Exclusive estates – and the best suggestion was Free Range.  I love this!!!  

There was one that said vegetarian, but not all organic wine is unfiltered.  Organic refers to growing the grapes, not how it’s made.  Wines are only vegetarian if they do not use Isinglass ‘fish bladder’ to filter the wine. (95% of wine is not vegetarian)

It's not a stufy ol wine tasting

The Best Wine Tasting in London


Attention, Tastorians! This is not your ordinary stuffy old tasting! Tastour’s fun night of learning is filled with     one-liners, anecdotes and eye-popping facts.

Most people say they want to learn about wine, but often they can’t find the time for a course or don’t want to get bogged down with the details.  This entertaining and educational guided tasting is all about having fun, teaching you to spot the bargains and developing relationships with clients and colleagues.

For more information, drop a line 07919053064 or email 

What is speedTASTING?

In just over 2.5 hours, 6 different learning themes will be introduced in rounds by your friendly and professional host who, by the way, is just bursting with entertaining and memorable wine facts and tips.  After each round, with carefully organized seat swaps, you’ll move onto a different table where you are greeted with new, friendly faces and another set of generous tasting samples. The unique samples are a superb talking point and will really get your tongues wagging!


Your Key Messages Delivered:

By sharing your desired outcomes for the event, we can create a bespoke presentation which connects your core message using the metaphor of wine. Do you want to instill your companies core values, motivate sales teams, or increase communication within teams?  Ask us how we can help you achieve your goals.


What’s Included:

Wine: Informative entertainment presented by award-winning Kelly Bayliffe. You will be poured 10 generous servings of fine wines, all retailing at £10-30 per bottle.  Total volume served is just over 2 large glasses of wine.

*price may vary for specialty tasting samples.

Food: Each table will be decorated with nibbles such as grapes, crackers and nuts.  For an additional charge, we can arrange for passed canapés at the start of the event as people arrive.  These are beautiful and really tasty.   Between the reds and the whites or at the end of the tasting, we can serve a gorgeous spread of Charcuterie and Artesian Cheese.    As well as vegetarian options like, grilled artichokes, an array of quiches and roasted red pepper spreads.

Also included: Your Tastour host will facilitate the seating arrangements, if required. Price includes, congestion charge, parking, glass hire, ice, spittoons, 4 additional staff members


Suggested Venues:

Corkage charge and room hire will vary based on the amount of food ordered and the day/time of your event.

If you accept this initial proposal, we will be able to suggest venues within your budget.



Award-winning Tastour offers exhilarating interactive tasting experiences, all revolving around food and drink.  If it has calories, we’ll excerise your palate.


To reach your companies desired outcomes, this proposal can be tailored to suit your needs.



Best of Britain: Wine, Chocolate, Whisky, Cheese, and Beer

For parties of 10 or more…

Teambuilding Options:
Competition: There’s nothing better than a bit of competition.  Each team will create their own patriotic team name, and work together to score points against their rival teams.

Networking: Would you like employees to interact and engage with eachother?  At our speedTASTING events, guest will meet and spend around 10 minutes with up to 80% of the guest.

Entertaining Options:

Modern: The Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) happen to be some of the best classically trained musicians in London yet play brit pops songs such as their own unique dubstep version of Chariot’s of Fire, as well as iconic British songs such as Wonderwall by Oasis and Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

USO have a long history of performing at exclusive sporting events and venues, including The Queen’s Club 125th Anniversary Ball, The Opening of The Emirates Stadium and at the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Tradional:  If your clients are looking for more tradional British folk music please contact us.

Sample Tasting Programme:  Our Best of Britain tasting event can be shorten to only 20 minutes, if that’s all that’s there is time for.  However, for guest complete contentment, we recommmend 3 hours for the full tasting.

Welcome taste of award winning sparkling wine
Guest will be treated to a taste of Camel Valley Brut 2010. Voted the worlds best sparkling wine by the International Wine Challenge.

White Wine served with Goats Cheese
England’s most successful grape Bacchus is very similar to Sauvignon Blanc. England produces more award winning cheese than France. This classic match will not only demonstrate 2 of England’s prized produce, it will highlight the rules of wine and cheese pairing.

Cider & Real Ale Sampler
This trio will pair the artisan qualities of craft cider and ale with English Cheese. Cloudy cider, well made ale and oak aged ‘extremist’ beer may shock and delight your guest – all in the same sip.

Whisky & Cheese
In this brief introduction to whisky, using proper tasting glasses with lids, guest will taste the difference between a peated and unpeated whisky. As an extra, we could finish this expresive section by matching both cheese and chocolate to these to distinct style of whiskies.  Go on… spoil your guest!

Taste the world’s best truffle, when they taste this good you only need 1. The perfect ending to a delightful and insightful tasting.  Or if your budget allows, surprise your guest with up to 4 tasting samples.


Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival Dancers

Our Brazilian Wine Tasting experience is the one of a kind in the UK. If you’re looking for new experiences to entertain your clients, you’re likely be the first to provide this unique experience.

With only 39 wine producers, Brazilian wine is hard to find.  Treat your clients to a wine tasting which will be talked about for years to come.

Your clients will be tested with our Brazil vs France challenge, teased with scrumptous food pairings and enchanted by stories and facts about their new discovery.


Highly commended

The Dean of Georgetown Unniversity commented that this was the best wine tasting he’d attended.

Dancers and entertainers

Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival DancersIf you’re looking for something special to entertain your clients with, our Rio carnival style dancers will delight any crowd.

Dancers are available to greet your guest on arrival and can perform at intervals throughout the tasting.  They also teach dance lessons, which, I’m sure you can image, easily encourage audience participation.



For the Children

Entertain Clients with Brazilian Wine Tasting and Carnival DancersHosting a summer party or just  looking for a great family activity for your next corporate funtion?

Let our face painters create beautiful designs for your employees.  The children may also enjoy taking part in a specially choreographed dance lesson.  At the end of the day, they’ll have the option to give a performance with their dance instructors.


Make your event extra special:

We work with some of the leading suppliers in the event industry.  Here are a few that work well when combined with this wine tasting.

Photographer with instant print out and take home photos

Ice or Chocolate sculpture

Flare Bartender




Our Brazlilian wine tasting can take place at your home, office or venue of your choice.  Please ask us for recommended venues.




The Floating Classroom

Check out the video!!! 

About the Event:   Who says learning can’t be fun? Your floating classroom will explore wine and make fascinating new London discoveries along the way.  It’s New World Camden vs Old World Little Venice –  This is one boat ride you don’t want to miss.

About the Venue:   The Grand Canal is an extensive network stretching over 130 miles. The section between Little Venice and Camden is one of the most scenic and historic. The floating Classroom is a charitable vessel. There is an outside viewing deck and inside seating for your comfort.

Cost:   Priced from £60 per person. Limited to 40 people.

 Tastour’s Floating Classroom YouTube video


Welcome to Tastour’s Floating Classroom!!!

The Floating Classroom

Classroom setup

The Floating Classroom

The Floating Classroom

Cheesey Teamwork

The Floating Classroom

The Floating Classroom


Enchanting... Wine and piano

A Celebration of Wine and Music – with not a note or drop wasted

Drinking fine wines and listening to great music are two of life’s most pleasurable experiences.

Our unique and sensational programme linking these two worlds is preformed by The Abbott O’Gorman Piano Duo and Tastour.

Red, white, or  sparkling….Baroque, Classical or Jazz; It is a  fascinating blend of endless possibilities!!”

Just imagine the scene:  Each musical piece is introduced by your enchanting narrator.   Your guest will sip an array of fine wines whilst listening to four talented hands play an elegant grand piano.  Each set of music and wine will be accompanied by entertaining facts and tasting techniques presented by award-winning writer, presenter and entertainer, Kelly Bayliffe.


Wine Tasting & Muscial Concert

It’s an evening of indulgence, enjoyment and appreciation.



The Abbott O’Gorman Piano Duo

Recognised as one of the foremost piano duo ensembles, their performances have been acclaimed world-wide for their “impeccable technique; powerful, lucid and sensuous playing’ and the unique, personal panache with which they present their programmes.

Listen to a sample audio clip – Rapsodie Espangnole


Entertaining all levels, from serious collectors to the occasional imbiber, a style which is truely unique and engaging.  Winner of the International Wine Challenge, Wine Eduacator of the Year,

Suggested format:

Your entertaining evenings ensemble may be tailored to suit your programme: 

6:30 Welcome Champange and Canapés

6:40  Champagne Aria from Don Giovanni with an introduction on Sparkling Wine or Champagne

7:00 Sit down reception of 3 Whites & 3 reds. Such as an Argentinian Tango and Malbec. Optional Quiz

8:00 Dinner  is served


From £1300.


London is host to many suitable venues which will allow Piano Hire from £400.

Venues with a Piano:

If recommending a venue, the piano needs to be of reasonable quality, regularly played and recently tuned. 

Boisdale, Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NR. 30-60 guest

The South Bank Centre,

The Conway Hall, High Holborn. Up to 450 guest

Wigmore Hall, Bond Street Tube. W1U 2BP

The Warehouse, Waterloo.  Home to the London Festival Orchestra.

The Royal Institute,

Kings Place Events, Kings Cross & St Pancras. Winner of Business Venue of the Year.

Churches in Soho, Pimlico, Westminster, South Kensington, Belgravia Covent Garden

The Forge Arts Venue, Camden NW1 7NL

Outside of London:

The Piano Room, Leicestershire LE17 4LN


For more information contact Kelly Bayliffe, 07919053064 or