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London’s Best Valued Lunch Experiences

Looking for top notch service and high quality food without booking through a ‘deal’ site? The restaurants listed below have been recommended by Alex Wijeratna, Fordor’s leading restaurant critic exclusively for Tastour. Here’s a list of the best lunch deals in London right now:   Sartoria – £25-£30, 2/3 courses Italian, glam but relaxed place on Savile Row run by celeb chef Francesco Mazzei   Le Gavroche, £56, 3 courses with half bottle of wine Classic French haute cuisine, Mayfair, […]

Eat like a local, travel to Jamaica

What’s the hottest (and I don’t just mean spicy) food trend? Jamaican Cuisine. With so few Jamaican restaurants in the UK, this craze may drive you to seek out authentic dishes.  In Jamaica, there’s more on offer than local food: checking out out the island’s vibrant music scene, sea-snorkeling, or simply relaxing on the crisp sandy beaches are just a few of the reasons why a record breaking 3.07 million visitors travelled there in 2011. Here are a few fun […]

A Tourist Global Guide to Tipping

Do I, or don’t I? Loose change or crispy like pork crackling? TIP Acronyms= To Insure Promptness To Insure Proper Service Tipping need’t be cloud of grey. Here’s a colourful infographic on how much to tip, and how not to offend:

Heavy on Flavour… Light on the pocketbook

One of the wonderful things about Prosecco is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for price. You can pick up a bottle of bubbles for at least half the price of Champagne.  And your friends will even thank you for it!  In our Introduction to Champagne and Sparkling wine speedTASTING, nearly everyone prefers Prosecco. Whilst only half of people preferred Champagne. If you thought all Prosecco was sweet, think again. Although it is characteristically fruiter than Champagne, it is […]

Fiji Knows their water, do you?

FIJI KNOWS THEIR WATER Tastour is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Fiji water! Although I wouldn’t classify myself as a bottled water drinker (frankly, I can’t tell the difference between tap and most bottle waters), the experience of Fiji bottled water is a cut above the rest. Fiji’s water is somehow creamier than other bottle waters. By “creamier”, I mean, the difference between normal bottled water and Fiji is like comparing a skim milk to a full […]

Clean and fresh... you can drink it by the pint. Photo by Citronodlingen / Lemongarden

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive Oil: Now With Bonus Virgins!  While “extra virgin” is subject to all kinds of interpretation, the process it describes is not. Many mainstream olive oil manufacturers seem to believe that they can interpret the guidelines for what virgin olive oil really is. In fact, there are legitimate standards for what constitutes this. What is Extra virgin olive oil? It is oil that came from olives that were pressed and packaged. Yes, it really is that simple. The alternative method to […]

History of Olives 101

Brush Up On Your Oil Education from the beginning Olives are more ancient than most ancient civilizations! Use of the olive can be traced back to the Neolithic people, who existed in the 8th century BC. Although the earliest history of the cultivation of the olive tree is hazy, most of the evidence points toward