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London’s Best Valued Lunch Experiences

Looking for top notch service and high quality food without booking through a ‘deal’ site? The restaurants listed below have been recommended by Alex Wijeratna, Fordor’s leading restaurant critic exclusively for Tastour. Here’s a list of the best lunch deals in London right now:   Sartoria – £25-£30, 2/3 courses Italian, glam but relaxed place on Savile Row run by celeb chef Francesco Mazzei   Le Gavroche, £56, 3 courses with half bottle of wine Classic French haute cuisine, Mayfair, […]

Cooking Easy Curries – Get Clever with Spices

Sunday February 26, 2012 at 10:15 Map and Directions Ever wondered what it is that makes an Indian curry taste so good?  Well let us share the simple secrets! Fool your friends into thinking you’ve spent hours in the kitchen with a these simple tips from our multi award-winning curry expert – Monisha.  You’ll be taken on a leisurely, guided stroll  through the shops to learn where all the best places for buying only the finest ingredients for your curry. […]

Clean and fresh... you can drink it by the pint. Photo by Citronodlingen / Lemongarden

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive Oil: Now With Bonus Virgins!  While “extra virgin” is subject to all kinds of interpretation, the process it describes is not. Many mainstream olive oil manufacturers seem to believe that they can interpret the guidelines for what virgin olive oil really is. In fact, there are legitimate standards for what constitutes this. What is Extra virgin olive oil? It is oil that came from olives that were pressed and packaged. Yes, it really is that simple. The alternative method to […]

History of Olives 101

Brush Up On Your Oil Education from the beginning Olives are more ancient than most ancient civilizations! Use of the olive can be traced back to the Neolithic people, who existed in the 8th century BC. Although the earliest history of the cultivation of the olive tree is hazy, most of the evidence points toward

Those Darn Oily Olives

Fat And Olives: A Love Story Let’s face it: fried food is delicious. That’s a fact of life. The staple of fried food, however, is saturated fat. This kind of fat isn’t easily digested by the body, so it causes horrible horrible damage within you. Are you ready for me to scare you into drinking wheatgrass smoothies till your face turns green?