Social Summer… 2012 Highlights

English Rose Garden 2012 054 Girls and food


Hello Tastourians!

As the seasons change, it reminds me of how much fun we’ve had this summer and the fun that awaits us. I thought I’d post my FAV snaps of the summer season.


A big warm thank you to everyone who joined us this year and looking forward to seeing you soon.   If you didn’t make it to an event, check out my inspirational last photo!!!





Summer 2012 Flashback:

We will remember the summer mostly by the abundance of Bisol Prosecco, fine food and laughter.

25% off, plus free delivery until 21st September!!! I’ve already stocked up for Christmas.

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights








Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

April – Boat Ride and Wine Tasting on the Canal

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

May – English Rose in an English Rose Garden

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights







May – Fine Wine Tennis Club Party

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

June – Royal Ascot

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

June – Henely

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

August – Bon Vivant Launch Party for the Olympics

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights
August – Ice cream and Liqueur Garden Party

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights








Sept – Fuller’s Brewery Tour

Social Summer... 2012 Highlights

Sept – 9 Mile Hike & Vineyard Tour


I love this last photo as it means different things for different people.

1. You’ve been coming to events, and your moving along in your journey to meet new people and learn about food and drink

2. You haven’t been to an event, may these photos could be your stepping stones

3. Either way you look at it, it shows we are a crazy bunch who love to have fun!!!


Good wine + good people = good times!




See more photos here


Upcoming Events: (click the date for more info)

22nd Sept- Cocktail Demonstration and Guided Walking Tour of Soho

27th Sept – Global Dining Series: Bon Vivant’s only

30th Sept – Chocolate in the Forest, 6 mile guided stroll

6th Oct - Boat ride and wine tasting on the Canal

13th Oct – Fine Wine Tennis Club tasting: Bon Vivant’s only

10th Nov - Drink and Draw: Wine Glass painting class, tasting and dinner

17th Nov – Foodies Walking tour of Belgravia

15th Dec – Festive lights, feast and mulled wine walking tour



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