Tastour has been offering Londoners award-winning Food and Drink Experience for 10 years.

We want to taste the world with you… and have fun doing it! Our fine wine and delectable food tastings are hosted at various locations from private residences, offices to well known London venues. No previous knowledge required.

So, what makes us different?

We’re completely independent!
We are not sponsored, nor do we sell our own wine.  This means we can objectively compare the leading producers side-by-side, allowing you to decide for yourself which tasting samples you prefer and understand why.

We’re creative!
We don’t have 1 format for all. We have over 50 lovingly created event themes, and there’s nothing that excites us more than creating a brand new experience bespoke for your needs.

We go out of our way to spoil you rotten!
Why settle for 6 wines when you can have 10?  Why settle for just crackers when you can have a Welcome Chocolate and Wine pairing, some delicious canapés, or a selection of  delightful Artisan cheeses to enjoy?


Who do we host events for?


Private Events – Companies

In the age of email and text messages hosting a get-together for your company is the equivalent of a good firm handshake.  At Tastour we match our services to meet your target objectives.   Whether is be Product Launches, Client Entertainment, Team-Building, or Networking we can recommend one of our 50 food and drink related activities.

Leave everything up to our experts who will ensure that your company function is rewarding, stimulating, and insightful!

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WelcomePrivate Events – Celebrations

Let Tastour add spice to your party or celebration!

We’ll organise an engaging, fun presentation and tasting of some of the world’s most wonderfully unique wines and foods to ensure that your birthday, anniversary or hen and stag night is a raging success, at any venue you choose, even in your own home!

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Public ‘Pay as You Go’ Consumer Tasting Events – Our Wine Society

We create opportunities for ‘taste adventurers’, food lovers and connoisseurs alike to come together and experience not only London but also an array of the wondrous fine foods and wines that the world has to offer.
Many of our unique tasting events take place in exclusive venues where we provide exposure to society, to culture, to London… all shared with interesting, like-minded people.

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Exclusive membership to our experience club

Membership with Tastour brings with it unlimited access to some of the most exciting and fun wine and food gatherings in the country. There is a new discovery to be had at each and every event that we host, our members love it, and we find it ever so rewarding to enjoy the  light-hearted and fun atmosphere with good friends  at our London events.

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